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Here’s another post from Patrick Callahan! I had to fight the temptation to not rename it too “A Morgan With Volk Racing Wheels!!!” Just the idea of seeing Volks on a Morgan was something I never thought I’d see. Anyway, on to Patrick’s post!

Before tuners, before carbon fiber, before automated assembly and interchangeable parts there were craftsmen. These craftsmen kept the machines of their day running without the luxuries of mechanics today. One of these craftsmen was H.F.S. Morgan. In 1910 he started the Morgan Motor Company. Today Morgan is the oldest privately owned manufacturer in the world and they and their clients recognize that some things are still best done the old-fashioned way. One of their models has been in production relatively unchanged for over 70 years. However, that doesn’t mean Morgan is afraid of technology. In their own words, “our emphasis is on only using technology where it counts, resulting in lightweight high performance cars.” An admirable aim but quite different from the Japanese fascination with technology.

In the late ’90’s Morgan decided to introduce a new model, the Aero 8. While it retains much of the classic Morgan shape it is significantly updated and does the job of bringing the marque into the new millennium in terms of design and performance. More recently Morgan released the AeroMax which is designed to advance the Aero 8’s design that much more.

Morgan’s stated philosophy is “pure, elegant, light and fast.” While it looks like it’s from another world many of Morgan’s suppliers are familiar names; Koni, Eibach, AP Racing. With those things in mind it’s really no surprise that they chose Volk Progressiv ME’s for their newest car. While the corporate cultures of Morgan and Volk may seem to be at odds with each other, the wheels could hardly be a more perfect fit for the vehicle. Morgan clearly understands the universal language of JDM and perhaps many in the JDM scene will appreciate the mentality of Morgan.

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