Nigo’s 300SL Gullwing Benz

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Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape clothing in Japan is known to have a fairly nutty collection of cars. I first took notice when shortly after the Rolls Royce Phantom was released Nigo got his hands on one and did the whole car in his signature BAPE camouflage. Then later on I put a picture on this blog of his Bugatti Veyron with pink BAPE camo.

Now on his blog, Nigo put out a teaser shot of his latest car.

300SL Gullwing Nigo BAPE with AMG

Word is that he had AMG custom build him a gullwing 1954 300SL Mercedes Benz with a modern AMG engine transplant (6.0L V8 I presume) and custom interior. I’m looking forward to seeing what madness Nigo has done to this classic. Nigo on his blog said that the 300SL is his dream car.

Source is Nigo’s blog here:

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