Craftsquare New Mirror Shape

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I’ve been a fan of craft square mirrors for what feels like forever now. The design has never really changed in the past decade, and yet they still look as functional and fresh as they ever did. That however didn’t stop Craft Square from developing a new shape…will this ever see its way onto street cars? Perhaps. You can bet its functional…the Xanavi Super GT car runs them.

Craft Square new design

and a bonus shot to make it a little more personal with craft square mirrors on my car…

This pic below was taken of my S2000 back in 2002. And yes, although it wasn’t crazy gold and widebodied back then, I was certainly still rocking quality JDMness like an amuse exhaust, dry carbon c-west trunk, mugen carbon hardtop, amuse suspension, and other quality bits. To those of you new to me and Bulletproof, perhaps you never saw pictures of my car back in the day…so here’s some hi-res old school action of my S2000 for you.

Ben’s S2000 Back In The Day

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