Zonda R In Action Video

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Its times like this that I realize just how little what I do matters. I will never reach this level. See the first Zonda R video below. Thanks JayHundred for the link!


Turn your sound up. The Zonda R is incredible!

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Hater Fodder: The CorZonda

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First off, I must give props to Jalopnik for amusing me greatly with their “Doing It Wrong V3″. This picture I took from their gallery, which contains other examples of tragic/comedic greatness.


For my chosen example (due to my love of Pagani and their Zonda), I’ve selected what I dub the CorZonda. Although the owner was creative in achieving what he did with the rear of the car, it is a complete disaster from my eyes. Here’s some food for the haters…I present you with the CorZonda.

The CorZonda

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