The First To Do A Purple R35 GT-R – Mobil 1 GT-R

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I’m very proud to write this post. A while ago I had this idea in my head that I wanted to build a Midnight Purple R35 GT-R for the SEMA show. At the time (and for many people, all the way up until they saw the car) most people thought I was crazy. Fortunately Mobil 1 understood and also my client Brandon who owns the Mobil 1 car understood. They gave me a chance to do what I wanted to do, and I’m very grateful for it.

The goal of the car was to beat Nissan on the punch on their SpecV and to build a timeless car for my client Brandon and my sponsor Mobil 1. Now looking back we can see the cars side by side and see if I succeeded:

This is the new Nissan SpecV


And this is the car I designed many months earlier, before it was announced that the SpecV would have purple special paint and before the final specs came out:

GT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight Purple

So lets see how my custom GT-R did looking back after the fact when compared to the new SpecV from Nissan

1. SpecV has authentic purple paint from Nissan – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 demo car air freighted in from Japan.

2. SpecV has a titanium exhaust – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 demo car, plus we have titanium high flow cats as well for more weight reduction.

3. SpecV has a dry carbon wing – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 demo car with even more downforce

4. SpecV has brake ducting – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 demo car with Zele front bumper (not quite the same, but I’m counting it anyways)

5. SpecV has a carbon fiber front grill – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 car

6. SpecV has upgraded brakes for racing use – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 car (although Endless Mono vs carbon ceramic so we take a bit of a loss there)

7. SpecV has more power – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 (actually Mobil 1 puts out much more power than SpecV)

8. SpecV has carbon reclining sports seats – CHECK, so does Mobil 1 (although ours are carbon/kevlar backed Bride reclining seats rather than SpecV Recaros)

Plus as a bonus we have a color matched/burned Amuse exhaust and more carbon fiber parts including a carbon roof as well as side skirts, rear under spoiler, fender outlet ducts and more:

GT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight Purple

Overall I think we did a pretty good job of beating Nissan to the punch despite going into it blind on a lot of things…sure I had a hunch that Nissan would bring back their legendary Purple again, but with no spec list or information on the SpecV I’m pretty impressed with how well we nailed it.

So when I debuted the car on TheRealJDM blog, many of the blog readers here asked me to show you pictures of the car before the graphics got applied. I wanted to hold back on those until a moment like now when we could compare it in more OEM appearance to the SpecV. Now’s a great time to see the Mobil 1 car without the BBS LMs and without the MS-R / Mana-P graphics.

GT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight PurpleGT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight PurpleGT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight PurpleGT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight Purple

and of course this is how it ended up once it was finished:

GT-RR / Mobil 1 SEMA Car - Midnight Purple

for the history of the Mobil 1 build and more pictures please see this link:

I’m ready to take on more projects for 2009 so if anyone wants me to build them a custom car, I’m just about ready to start another project!

Also to all media – We have two different professional photo shoots on this Mobil 1 car that we can offer, we’re currently taking offers for magazine covers. If you’re interested please contact

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