My Day – With 2 Top Secret Race Cars

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Bulletproof Rides

So today I went down to the garage where the Top Secret cars are kept. Microsoft came out to do extensive measurements and photos of the S15 for an upcoming video game and I was there to let them in and supervise.

It was a good chance for me to take some pictures of the two cars, some of which I’ll show now and others I’ll save for a rainy day.

Although I still dont have a XBOX, I’m a little more excited for the the upcoming video game than I thought I’d be. They’re really going crazy with detailing everything…for Forza 2 the Top Secret Silvia D1GP Champ was rendered really well, but they never needed to do any of this stuff (detailed measurements of every little thing, 900+ photos). I guess they’re really stepping their game up. Now, if only Microsoft would give me an XBOX360 for donating my car and my time to the game…

So today I’m here to share some hi-res, non-watermarked pics of Top Secret’s most notorious time attack car and most successful drift car ever built.

The Hi Res:

Bulletproof Rides – Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RR

Bulletproof Rides - Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RRBulletproof Rides - Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RR

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