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Top Secret Demo Cars arrive to USA New Home

First off, no the Ferrari isnt mine… Damn.

Secondly, yes the Top Secret S15 D1GP World Champ and the Fusion RR time attack car are mine!

No longer on display at Autobacs in Japan, they’ve finally made it to their new home.

For those of you that know me, this has been years in the making since I bought them in 2005 and 2006. These are two of my favorite Japanese demo cars of all time and when I had the chance to buy each one of them, I jumped on it because there will simply never be another. These cars have thousands of hours of Smoky tuning and fine tuning over and over to get them just perfect. I’d say 57 seconds at Tsukuba Circuit (GT-R) and World Champion of D1GP and D1 UK Champion (S15) would back up their perfection nicely.

I’m very lucky that one of my clients introduced me to a beautiful garage with other people’s collector cars which is where I’ve stored them. This garage is incredible, with loads of Ferraris, Lambos, Ford GTs, Porsche GT3 RSs and now some hard core from JDM’s finest.

I”m currently taking offers to sell them both now that they are in my possession officially. I dont mind holding on to them in the meantime…but these cars are a little too rich for my lifestyle right now and ultimately I bought them to be re-sold to someone who can appreciate them as much as I do (and afford them more easily than I can).

I put together a website a while back to sell the cars. is the site for anyone interested.

Top Secret Demo Cars arrive to USA New Home

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