The Ultimate Exhaust…Bulletproof Automotive Titan GT

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I like challenging people and I like challenging myself…so I must really sound like a fool, trying to tell you that my brand of exhaust is the ultimate exhaust out there. I realize the potential stupidity of making a comment like that on a blog that I write, for a company that I own. Will I lose credibility with the industry, with the readers of this blog? Or did I just wait 8 years to start putting my company name on some products until I had the perfect thing? Lets see…

First off, I challenge anyone to dispute that this is not the ultimate exhaust. Because I’m damn convinced that it is.

Secondly, I am not an exhaust manufacturer. So no company out there needs to feel threatened. I dont want to be a manufacturer either. I am a distributor, a retailer, a consultant and a purveyor of what I and we call “The Real JDM”, often referred to as the dopest of the dope, the freshest of the fresh, the flyest of the fly, the illest of the ill. Etc, etc. Once in a while I just want to make something a little different, in those rare moments I’ll make a product happen and slap my name on it. These exhausts are one of those moments that started for me a few months ago when I made the first Bulletproof GT exhaust for my S2000 and fell in love with it.

So why am I so confident about our exhausts?

1. I commission/utilize the same factory in Japan that builds what I feel are the best exhausts on the planet (Powerhouse Amuse).

2. I have the exhausts built to custom specs for each client’s needs, actual one-offs (the one in the picture is a header back 70mm exhaust for a turbo S2000 with a larger tip than usual for added impact).

3. We have our own “Bulletproof GT” gradiation finish that no other company can offer.

4. Its a proven formula from a factory that already builds these, I just do them to higher specifications, with more exclusive applications and with even greater prestige because I purposely limit the number of my clients. (So far there are only 3, and thats just the way I want it.)

5. I run it on my gold S2000. Therefore it is the best. 🙂 (j/k)

6. Even with our poor camera skills, can you find a better looking exhaust than this? Click on it…it’s hi-res. Dont be afraid to look deep into the golden hue around the weld or the deep blue finish of the natural titanium after its torched, or the reds and purples that poke their way out.

Bulletproof Automotive Titan GT Exhaust

Bulletproof Automotive Titan GT Exhaust

So, I proposed this cocky post because I have the facts on my side…

Bring it on…you think this isnt the best aftermarket exhaust on the planet? First you’ll have to disprove that Amuse exhausts arent the best (I already know they are, so you’d be wasting your time trying to convince me otherwise). Then you’ll have to prove that 100% titanium by Nippon Steel construction with hollow hangers and flawless polished welds isnt the industry leading setup. Then you’ll have to tell me that it isnt damn cool to have a unique finish and gradiation on the edge of the muffler body (the only visible point of the exhaust from straight behind the car if looking into the tail), since this is the only exhaust by Nippon Steel that has that. Then you’ll need to tell me that there’s nothing special with having something ultra exclusive limited to just a handful of lucky car tuners in the world.

So bring it on…tell me I’m wrong. (and I wont listen to a damn thing you say after that because I’ll think you’re out of your mind)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where I might not be as cocky and tell you that I have just made the best (insert name of item) part on the planet.

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