Customer Car – Amuse GT1 S2000

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I love being Amuse’s distributor. Sure I use their parts on my car, but I’m also so proud of our customer cars which use Amuse parts because its one of those brands that you know will always turn out great on whatever car you put it on and it always blows people away. I often think that my happiest clients are those that bought Amuse parts from me. Its something most just wont understand until the time comes that they get to experience it themselves. (disclaimer – I’ve had 4 different Amuse exhausts on my car, their hood, part of their widebody, their suspension, their header, well…pretty much everything at one point or another)

This customer car is owned by Bobby, one of my favorite customers to talk with. He’s such a nice guy and a real enthusiast. He worked hard and saved hard to get the absolute best for his S2000 and you can tell just looking at it. We got him the Amuse GT1 widebody kit, the Amuse spec CE28N Volks, the craftsquare mirrors, a supercharger kit for some reliable big HP and some other goodies. I think you’ll agree that this car is worthy of a blog post, even if it isnt magazine prettied up with flashy colors. This is what a daily driven street car should look like.

Everyone always starts with the front of the car. I dont care, I like this rear photo better.

Bobby’s Amuse GT1 S2000

Bobby’s Amuse GT1 S2000

Bobby’s Amuse GT1 S2000

I remember when Bobby bought the kit, he asked if he’d get an Amuse sticker. The answer was yes. Its only a sticker, but he’s really proud to rock that sticker and wouldn’t you be too if you had an Amuse GT1 S2000?

Bobby – Hit me up about some clear corner diffusers for those headlights! I got ’em here! PLEASE…thats the last step to perfection.

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