Picking a Winner – Cobb accessPORT Dyno #s

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The company you keep in many ways defines you. For all of my business endeavors I have always only wanted to work with the best. This was my motto since I started Bulletproof Automotive back in March 2000. Since then I’ve become synonymous with the best in Japanese tuning. I’m very proud of being associated with the best names, and it didn’t happen by accident…it happened by careful selection.

It took me 8 years to find a US based company which I felt exuded the talent, engineering ability and value of the Japanese brands which I represent. I finally found a US company up to my JDM ideals. Cobb Tuning and I forged a partnership recently within the GT-R community to distribute their products. I knew all along that Cobb’s GT-R products, especially their accessPORT were going to blow people away. When I announced within my office that we were going to be a Cobb distributor and would be heavily stocking their GT-R parts, people thought I was nuts…COBB ISNT JDM they said…I say, Cobb Tuning is good enough to transcend the JDM argument of quality. Taking it a step further, Cobb is sold in Japan by very respected companies like Prova…so by association it almost even is JDM.

Well, I’m proud to say I picked another winner. And this time we get to enjoy a little national pride of supporting the USA as well! Not only are our customers already giving rave review on the Cobb GT-R accessPORT, now I have real #s to broadcast about the results of this product on a US Spec car. Prepare to be dazzled at what $995 can give you with your GT-R!

With stock ready to ship (as of Friday) you can buy them here:


or for a temporary e-commerce method of buying until GT-RR gets its much awaited e-commerce update:


An independent customer review can be found here: http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=24251&st=0&gopid=347804&#entry347804

Stage 1 is for a stock vehicle or a vehicle with just a cat-back exhaust.  Stage 2 is for a vehicle with high flow cats or cat delete and cat-back exhaust.  Must use stock intake.


Stage 1 – 91 Oct – +55HP and +60TQ

Stage 1 – 93 Oct – +63HP and +70TQ

Stage 1 – 97 Ron – +63HP and +70TQ


Stage 2 – 91 Oct – +65HP and +80TQ

Stage 2 – 93 Oct – +70HP and +90TQ

Stage 2 – 97 Ron – +70HP and +90TQ


Cobb Tuning accessPORT R35 GT-R

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