One of the World’s Best Designers – Pininfarina Dead at 51

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 Ferrari F430 Pininfarina

This is terrible news for the automotive world. I think by now all of you and everyone that loves cars knows the name Pininfarina.  The man with the golden pen, Andrea Pininfarina just died in a scooter accident. This guy was behind pretty much every beautiful Italian car design in the past couple of decades. Most Ferrari and Maserati cars featured his design and donned his brand’s badge on the production cars.

This is really disappointing…


Andrea Pininfarina

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Customer Car – Z33 Pt. 1 : 18×12-1 Wheels With 6″ Lip

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I like digging up old customer photos. When a car or some particular part still looks great many years later, that’s a clear sign of timelessness. This pic was from four years ago and was the beginning of a project we started with a Nissan dealership to equip a new 350Z on the showroom floor with a Top Secret widebody kit and some other goodies. Part one of this post is just a wheel shot. I think any wheel with these specs is worthy of a post in itself.

FYI – we ran 18×10.5-16 with a 5″ lip up front on this car. (we actually could have gone a bit more aggressive as well, but we wanted a clean and semi-conservative fit)

This was back when SSR had no distribution in the US, making the SP1 Professors that much more special to get a hold of.

SSR SP1 Professor 350Z Wheels

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