ASM 350Z Scuderia

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 ASM 350Z Scuderia

I was just looking at a copy of Z Magazine, marveling at how these tuned Zs in Japan just keep getting better and better. If you dont have a copy of any of the Z Magazines, I definitely suggesting picking some up (even despite it being in Japanese only). The one was was reading today can be found here:

Z Magazine 008

I noticed that the cover of the next Z Magazine will feature yet another ASM 350Z, this time the ASM Scuderia Z. They call it that for both it’s light weight modifications and for the Ferrari F430 Scuderia inspired graphics.

I personally think the car could use a rear wing and a diffuser, but besides that it’s pretty much perfect for a street 350Z. I’m sure ASM’s developing a wind and diffuser for it as I speak actually.

ASM 350Z Scuderia

ASM 350Z ScuderiaASM 350Z ScuderiaASM 350Z ScuderiaASM 350Z Scuderia

PS: If you want to see quality, check out these ASM center under diffusers for the S2000:

ASM QualityASM Quality

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