Random Photo – Bulletproof Warehouse Circa 2004

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Bulletproof Warehouse, Top Secret S15

I dug up this pic recently. It was just a random day in the warehouse after a container arrived (before we moved to our new facility) . I look back on this and find it really amusing. As you’ll notice we were way out of space and had boxes piled up 10 ft tall and blockaded in between boxes was the Top Secret S15 D1GP car! To keep overhead low running the business (to give everyone low prices this is a necessity), I ran the business out of a small dumpy office and warehouse for many many years. These days we finally have a large, scalable warehouse that is a lot better and way more efficient…yet large and efficient doesn’t give priceless photos like the chaos in this pic!

To me, this picture is priceless and a piece of my/Bulletproof Automotive’s history.

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