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Sometimes people ask me what my favorite car is. Its never an easy question to answer when I have so many cars that I love of so many different styles. Yet if I had to choose one favorite it would be the Pagani Zonda F.

I’m a man that loves details and craftsmanship. The Zonda F are those two words encapsulated in a supercar (plus they offer an option where you can get the car finished fully in unpainted dry carbon – always worth bonus points in my book).

(if you don’t click on this picture below and view in hi-res you better have a damn good excuse)

Zonda Interior

I’m giving you huge photos so I need to use some thumbs…This front view is another hi-res shot nicely showing off the lines and the aerodynamic design of the car.

Zonda Front

As a car lover you gotta love a great ass when you see one. This is the best automotive piece of ass out there.

Zonda Rear

A car with true quality and detail should look good at any angle. So lets put it to the test…have you ever been a better looking photo of a car with it’s exterior body cladding removed?

Zonda Underside

Sure a highly tuned LanEvo will beat it around Tsukuba perhaps, but this car has a level of quality that at closest comparison can be found in the bits and pieces of the top tuners like Amuse, and ASM, but can rarely be found in every nook and cranny of a complete car like this. And to think that this car was the vision of one man who owned a carbon fiber factory…Horacio Pagani, you are my hero.

Bonus shot of an unpainted carbon version on the ‘ring:

Pagani Zonda Carbon

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