News Release – Top Secret V12 Supra Does 222MPH At Nardo Ring in Italy

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Top Secret Nardo V12 Supra Does 222MPH!

As the President of Bulletproof Automotive, a proud sponsor of the Top Secret V12 Nardo Surpa project, I’m pleased to give this exclusive update.

The word is in that the Supra did 222MPH (358km/h) on the ring, putting it deep into super car territory on the proving ground that has tested so many super cars in the past.

This result is the conclusion of the first phase of the car which has taken nearly a year and a half to build. The purpose built Supra is unique in many respects. For starters, it is balanced in tuning philosophy with a creature comfort level exceeding most tuned cars and full street legality intact. Fully capable of being daily driven, the Supra uses a V12 powerplant from it’s Toyota cousin the Century. The V12 engine which was originally tuned in OEM form for low horsepower but strong torque to move the heavy VIP Century has been rebuilt from the ground up by Smoky to produce a hair under 1000hp with the assistance of twin turbochargers.

The Supra features a wide menu of tuning parts from Top Secret including the revolutionary on the fly height adjustable cup kits with Top Secret’s super damper suspension and of course the final evolution widebody kit by Top Secret.

The Supra was Smoky’s answer to the void that the current lack of a modern Supra left. A result of a man with little patience and nearly unlimited talent, this car was the second in a series of street legal cars that was designed to send a strong message to the OEMs about what he thinks they should be building for enthusiasts. The prior car of course being the Top Secret V35 GT-R, a car that filled the void years back of there being no new Skyline GT-R Model. That car featured a G35 Coupe (Skyline Coupe) body with a V8 engine from the Q45/Cima twin turboed with 800 or so HP. That car famously ran 211MPH (341km/h) on the German autobahn and is also driven daily in Japan.

Top Secret V35 GT-R V8 211MPH

What is next for Top Secret…nobody knows. But as usual the job I have of running Top Secret’s international distribution means that I’ll be right on top of it and reporting the news to you all!

All the best from Top Secret III and Bulletproof Automotive!

– Ben

PS: I still prefer MS Revolution’s graphics to the new ones, so I’m using the old photos before the graphic change. Stay tuned to major media as official photos of the run get released.

Top Secret Nardo V12 Supra Does 222MPH!Top Secret Nardo V12 Supra Does 222MPH!

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