Announcing the north american debut of M.S.Revolution (MS-R)!

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For Immediate Release:

Japan’s M.S.Revolution AKA MS-R is now open in the USA for business! For the first time legendary graphic designer Manabu Suzuki, (often known as Mana-P) will be designing one-off graphics for an exclusive group of cars in North America.

Mana-P is the source of nearly ALL Japanese design trends. If you like JDM styling you already love Mana-Ps work perhaps without even knowing it. Mana-P has designed and cut the vehicle graphics for virtually every top Tokyo Auto Salon demo car ever made. Some of the companies exclusively using MS-R original graphics are: Top Secret, Blitz, HKS, Yashio Factory, ASM, and Greddy.

Odds are if you think of your favorite cars, you’ll soon realize that Mana-P designed that style you love. Everything from the colorful HKS dry carbon Altezza to the F1 inspired ASM time Attack S2000 to the absolutely wild Yashio Factory D1 cars, his style is uniquely JDM yet trend setting for everything from mild to wild.

Aside from being the world’s leading trend setter of graphic design, he’s also a celebrity and heavily influential in the Japanese tuning world. You may have seen him as the D1GP’s Announcer/Judge, you may have seen him in Option Video with his regular appearances, you may have see him in Option magazine with his Hot Machine section where he reviews the design of private owner tuner cars. He’s a man of many talents, and before starting MS-R he was originally a highly talented Formula race car driver.

MS-R USA is now offering the following:

– 100% original graphic design based on each customer’s tastes, implementing customer supplied logos if desired.

– All orders are not only designed but cut using exclusive Japanese market ultra thin (great for difficult bends and edges) vinyl foils and special colors.

– All orders are delivered by direct air shipping (EMS) including all vinyl ordered, plus some extra spare vinyl in each color used. In addition an autographed artist’s proof of your car is included, signed by Mana-P himself. (an example of some proofs are shown below)

– Because Mana-P is known for only the best tuner cars, we are keeping qualifications strict. Every car Mana-P does he is essentially co-signing since he’s the leading trend setter out of Japan. Our goal is to approve less than 10 cars a year and to keep them very high quality. Anyone with knockoff parts, please save yourself the time and do not apply, this is about innovation and JDM tuning not cheap copies.
– To qualify for MS-R graphics please email us your contact information, a list of modifications on your car and photos of the car currently. We will then review and determine elidgeability for MS-R graphics. To submit your application we will also need your credit-card and pre-authorization from you. If your application passes our approval process, a $2000 USD deposit will be debited from your credit card to initiate your project. Applications can be sent to

– An average project cost for a full car is usually $4,000 USD or less. This includes Mana-P original design, proof review, all JDM Vinyl, cutting, signed artist proof and air mailing to your door. We recommend skilled professoinal installation at a local graphic/vinyl shop in your area. Many of Mana-P’s designs are quite complex and take patience and skill to install.

The official website is in development now.

In the meantime, please email applications to or for any questions you may have you may email me directly at

Current car’s approved and pending for design:

Full Carbon Widebody NSX Twin Turbo

Top Secret Final Evolution Supra, Orange

Highly modified Voltex equipped Lancer Evolution IX

The first MS-R USA demo car finished: Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT

MS-R Design Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT

Bulletproof S2000 GT

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PCAL – Zoom-Zoom

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EDIT: Here’s another piece from Patrick Callahan. I hope you all enjoy it. – Ben

Right now Scion is having a bit of trouble and no one under the Toyota umbrella seems to know why. They might be able to take a hint from Mazda. Image is great, but it has to be backed up with substance. Although Mazda makes about as many cars in a year as Toyota and its subsidiaries make in roughly a month, they have one of the strongest motorsports programs of any manufacturer and produce some outstanding cars that hit well above their weight.

In the area of motorsport, Mazda is currently (and successfully) involved in ALMS P2, Grand-Am Rolex Series, SPEED Touring Cars, Cooper Tires Atlantic Championship, Pro Formula Mazda, Pro Spec Miata, Grand-Am KONI Challenge, NHRA Sport Compact Racing, Formula D and that doesn’t even touch “amateur” forms of racing. Another assault on the 24 Hours of LeMans might even be in the future. As Mazda is quick to point out, there are more Mazdas road racing on any given weekend than any other marque. All that leaves Mazda with no worries about its identity or credibility with plenty of energy to focus on making great cars.

spec miatas

With the Protege MP3 and Mazdaspeed Protege, Mazda made a valiant attempt at gaining some customers among the tuner crowd. However, I would imagine the lessons learned in trying to sell those cars contributed to what has to be one of the best FWD cars out of a factory ever. Power, practicality, poised handling, sharp lines from the factory at a great price and great tuning potential with basic bolt-ons. This car is a winner, and winning is what it’s all about for Mazda.


The whole lineup is actually pretty nice. The MX-5 is a legend for being a driver’s car and the new one is amazingly focused and pure considering the myriad of laws it has to comply with. While the RX-8 seems unloved relative to cars like the 350Z and S2000, it too is a gem with some of the best handling and looks (especially with the Mazdaspeed exterior treatment) coming out of Japan today. The Mazdaspeed 6 is a personal favorite. It doesn’t have the edginess of the WRX or EVO, but it has more refinement and sharper looks than both of those cars combined. Even Mazda’s boring cars are pretty cool and it’s no secret that Mazda’s design language is one of the best in the business.

Even the future seems bright. As other sedans seem to be going for a more bloated, boxier stance, the Mazda 6 is just getting sleeker for its next generation. What this tells me is that Mazda has confidence in what it’s doing and doesn’t need to follow every passing market trend to make great cars. This sort of confidence is easy to see in the recent Furai concept which is just off the chain. Just look at it! It takes risks that even some design houses might not consider, and it does it successfully.


It’s manufacturers like this that keep our scene going and progressing. While Toyota and Honda seem to be sliding into mainstream homogeny, it’s nice to see a company that is sticking to its values. I’d love to see other makes step up with their racing programs, tuning divisions, basic lineup and performance editions. Now, this isn’t to slam other car makers or say that everyone should go out and buy Mazdas. However, the basic ingredients that go into making a good car also apply to making those cars better. We can learn alot from observing successful car makers and even draw inspiration from what they have done and the direction they are going. Furai inspired RX-8 anyone?

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First Amuse R35 GT-R Exhaust Sold in USA – 22hp Gain!

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A little old news mixed with a little new. The new is that as Amuse’s USA agent we’re happy to say that we’ve ordered up the first pre-ordered R35 GT-R titanium exhaust from Amuse for one of our clients in the US. Having seen and heard it first hand a couple of months back, I’m very excited to get it over here. This lucky customer has a few great parts already on order from us for his upcoming US Spec GT-R. Although he has no suspension ordered yet due to the high probability that there will be some changes between the initial JDM model and the US version.

The old news is the following scans from Option magazine which did testing of the Amuse exhaust. Although it’s old to me, it might be new to you all…A 22hp bolt on gain is mighty solid for a car with all of the technology of the GT-R. And best yet, it’s fairly quiet from what I could tell listening to Tanabe-san drive past me in his GT-R Phantom.

Rather than post more pics of the exhaust, instead I suggest checking my full fledged R35 exhaust review done earlier on the blog for great pics and more details.

As a temporary solution until the highly anticipated website is launched we’ve put a temporary R35 GT-R section on the Bulletproof site just to get this exhaust out there.

Option Magazine scans and dyno pic below:

Amuse R35 GT-R Titanium Exhaust

Amuse R35 GT-R Titanium Exhaust

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Wald Introduces Sports Line C Class Benz – Agressive!

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Here it is:


oops…I mean this below:

Wald C Class Benz

Really there isnt much of a difference in that wing, is there? Although I kid Wald a bit about using the Evo V Mitsubishi wing design on the Benz I must also be fair enough to suggest that perhaps they got the inspiration from the original Benz 19oE Evolution model which sported one of the first aftermarket style widebodies and wings back in the late 80s. (really that was an incredibly bad ass car back then and was one of my dream cars for a minute)

190E Evolution Benz

Ok but wait…before I have you saying that this new wald kit is complete garbage look at the other pics I’m putting below. I’ve scrounged up even an in progress photo of them building the kit. Once you rid your mind of the wing and the rear view of the car, the rest of the kit is actually very well designed. If I had a C class I’d rock this kit, without the Mitsubishi Evo V wing of course and with a tasteful trunk spoiler instead (I do have a little taste…sometimes)

Wald C Class Benz

Wald C Class BenzWald C Class BenzWald C Class BenzWald C Class Benz

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JUN Veyron Top Speed Car – Incredible Photoshop

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JUN Bugatti Veyron Top Speed Car

Lately I’ve made a couple of friends in France who both have some INCREDIBLE photoshop skills. Cedric and Charlie are these two masters at the craft. Cedric has helped me with a concept car we’re looking at producing and I’ll feature some of his art later on. For now I’ll leave you with this incredible rendering of what a JUN Bugatti Veyron would look like. Great work Charlie!

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PCAL – The Birth of KDM?

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EDIT BY BEN: My friend and respected contributor Patrick Callahan is back at it, with his first contribution to the blog in a while. While I dont always share his opinion I certainly appreciate it as it’s always well thought out and worded. In this particular case, I do happen to share his opinion as I’m also curious about this topic he raises…well, lets get on to Patrick’s post:

The Future

Hyundai. Not exactly a name that strikes fear into the hearts of JDM tuners. Search Hyundai tuning on Google and you’re left with a bunch of seriously confused and overdone show cars that can’t be taken seriously. However, Hyundai is out to change that and we as a community would do well to sit up and take notice. You may have seen the new Genesis Sedan. It was shown in January at Detroit and would make a nice VIP platform in my opinion, but VIP is still just a sub-genre of our scene. That being the case, it didn’t turn the establishment on its head.

March 19th, at the New York International Auto Show, Hyundai unveiled the production version of the Genesis Coupe. The establishment has now been turned on its head. For years we’ve been asking for an attractive, affordable, RWD sports coupe with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It’s here and it’s not from Nissan, Toyota, Honda or Mazda. Not only have Hyundai done it, they appear to have done it right. Brembo brakes, six-speed manual, enough room in the engine bay for a V6 and even Bridgestone RE050A tires (OEM on many BMWs, Mercedes AMGs and other serious machinery). If the concept is any indication, we won’t have to worry about Hyundai taking a Nissan GT-R-esque stance toward the aftermarket.

One of the things that seems to come up consistently when Ben and I talk is the globalization of tuning and this car is about to take that to the next level. Will Mine’s, Top Secret and other JDM stalwarts embrace Genesis Coupe? Will Korean tuners step up to compete? Only time will tell. However, the future of KDM is definitely looking bright!

Ben: A late thanks goes to Phil Toronto who emailed me a pic he took at the auto show. Good looking out Phil! Pic below:


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DSport Magazine Cover Shoot Today – Top Secret Modded G35 Widebody

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G35 Coupe Top Secret Widebody Twin Turbo

As I walked into the office this morning, fresh off of a great vacation and reunion with my family from New York I felt calm and ready to get back to work. As I sat down to my desk I saw some post-it notes, not unusual when I return from a few days away. One of the post it notes was regarding two cover shoots I was working on planning with Dsport Magazine. The post it note said “Jason S’s TS V35 tomorrow for the cover”. At this point “tommorow” meant today, and there was a glaring problem I saw. Despite working on setting up the shoot over the past few weeks, I wasnt prepared for it to happen without the car first getting some Bulletproof “sticker love”, as I like to do for our magazine covers on cars that I’m especially proud of.

So within 5 minutes of me entering the office after my hiatus, I jumped in my car and battled through traffic for 30 miles to try to make it to the photo studio in time to slap some BP stickers on the car for the shoot. Fortunately I made it in time, and even more fortunately I got to meet some great new people at the shoot which I’ll be doing some collaborations with hopefully in the near future.

This particular photo shoot was for Jason’s G35 which was in town from Hawaii! We assisted Jason with the parts for this build a couple of years back and it was one of the first Top Secret G35’s we had our hands in. I especially love the color Jason selected for this car which is an Infiniti standard Beryllium color (found on the FX’s mainly) with a bit of a subtle twist in a blue pearl finish. The car was built pretty much exactly as I would have built it (color combo, parts and wheels), with the exception of the rear wing and exhaust which I’m personally not a fan of.

The car features a nice list of mods as expected, was tastefully done, and is finished off with 500+ HP from a highly tuned twin turbo engine.

Jason unfortunately turned down my offer to get his car featured in Fast and the Furious 4, and is shipping his car back to Hawaii tomorrow. The car is currently for sale, if you’re interested in purchasing feel free to send me an email and I’ll be happy to assist.

The lead-in photo is in 1800pix resolution. Be sure to look for the future issue of DSport and pick that up. I encourage you to support DSport, they’re one of the only independent owned magazines in the US (and the largest in their field) and they continue to improve and leave their mark! By the way, the cover model that posed with the car was very very attractive as well. Out of respect for Dsport, I’m not posting any photos of her with the car…you’ll just need to wait for the magazine to get the full shoot. Anyway, this blog is not about models, it’s about cars and I’m keeping it that way.

Tomorrow I’m off to another studio for another car shoot, this time with my S2000 doing a Toyo Tires magazine ad and misc promotional shoot.

More pics of Jason’s car can be found below (in lower res):

G35 Coupe Top Secret Widebody Twin TurboG35 Coupe Top Secret Widebody Twin TurboG35 Coupe Top Secret Widebody Twin TurboG35 Coupe Top Secret Widebody Twin TurboG35 Coupe Top Secret Widebody Twin Turbo

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