My Favorite Ferrari The Target Aero 360 Modena (Circa 2001)

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Ferrari 360 Modena JGTC Aero Kit

For years I’ve had a framed photo of this car on my wall at my office. Ever since I took these photos in 2001 this was my dream street car. Sure I have a soft spot for the Fabulous 360 Modena but this one is just so much more official. Target Aero produced the parts for this car, which happen to be the same parts used on the 360 JGTC car that I was selling two years back.

I cant find Target Aero around anymore, but hopefully they’re still in business and producing these parts. Oddly enough the only time I saw this car was at SEMA 2001. The aero parts are made in Japan. The rims on this car are unfortunate, but to give them a little credit, it was 2001.

My favorite part of this car is the engine cover/rear lid. That thing is serious! I’d kill to have this car in black (on some better rims).

All photos are 1800pix res. Enjoy!

Ferrari 360 Modena JGTC Aero Kit

Ferrari 360 Modena JGTC Aero Kit

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