Mid Night RX7 – One of My Favorite FD3S

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Mid Night FD3S RX7

I’m a long time fan of the car crew “Mid Night”. That crew epitomizes the wangan scene that made me fall in love with JDM tuning back in the late 90s. Mid Night in my mind became this mysterious super group of highly tuned car owners that terrorize the highways of Japan from about 12-4am. Sure back a few years ago (before the police started cracking down more) there were plenty of highly tuned cars and crews that ran the wangan, but the mid night crew held a special place of prestige for me.

Once in a while cars from Mid Night still pop up in magazines, at Tokyo Auto Salon and other places. This RX7 is my favorite car from the crew. To me it’s the most evil and perfect street car I can think of. Imagining it flying up in my rear view mirror on the freeway sends shivers down my spine.

Edit: Our reader Keith has a sharp eye and pointed out that this car is also using the Ferrari F40 winker lights on the front fenders. And I thought ASM did it first, it seems that this FD3S beat Kanayama-san to the punch back in 2004!

By the way, one of the things you’ll eventually notice if you’re a regular reader of this blog is that I have pretty much bottomless well of content to draw from. I’ve taken thousands of photos of JDM tuning over my past decade in the business. Most of these photos have never seen the light of day, just like this thread on this RX-7.

Mid Night FD3S RX-7

Mid Night FD3S RX-7 Mid Night FD3S RX7

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