Saying Goodbye to my M45

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Bespoke VIP M45 Kenstyle

Some of you may know about my “other” demo car. Lately the S2000 is getting all of the press but for the past couple of years I’ve been enjoying another car, a PY50 M45 Sport. This car was the launch vehicle for our Bespoke VIP division specializing in VIP and Exotic parts sales. Its been a great couple of years and it’s time to sell the car now. The car is listed on craigslist and will soon be put up on autotrader as well. If you know of anyone looking for a pristine car with very low miles and almost no wear and tear, this is it. Email me for details

Here’s the craigslist post:

The car featured full Kenstyle aero, a Ings+1 trunk spoiler, Work LS105 chrome rims in 20″, a Kenstyle exhaust system, lowered suspension, carbon trim, and literally every option Inifiniti offers with the car.

The car was featured in numerous magazines (two different Japanese VIP tuning magazines) and was an Advan tires display car for SEMA 2006 and a Yokohama tires display car for SEMA 2007.

Time to clear space in the garage…whats next? I don’t even know at this point.

Bespoke VIP M45 Kenstyle

Bespoke VIP M45 KenstyleBespoke VIP M45 KenstyleBespoke VIP M45 KenstyleBespoke VIP M45 Kenstyle

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The Real JDM Interactive Gets a New Face

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Today I managed to destroy the blog and rebuild it in the same day. I was working on improving it by adding a few plug-ins and somehow I completely destroyed it. So in the process of rebuilding it from scratch (luckily I saved all the data), I upgraded the blog quite a lot. You’ll see a lot of new changes. Many thanks to a great wordpress theme that I modified called redoable. I was looking a while at different themes over the past couple of months and this latest version of this popular theme is pretty damn cool. I spent about 6 hours today modifying it and getting it closer to my liking.

You’ll notice:

– Comments are handled by a new system. Do we like it? I’m not sure yet, but I think its very promising.

– Tags are building up a tag cloud on the right tool bar, helps with navigation I hope

– Still super hi res images are available for download, but I’m now getting them to display by default a little larger.

– A bunch of other small things and layout changes.
So let me know what you think of the new layout! More changes to come, but I’m listening to what you have to say!

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