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As most readers of this blog know, I did a two year run at Modified writing my column, “The Real JDM”. Prior to doing this blog I was exclusively writing for Modified Magazine and also doing a few things on some of the owner’s community message boards. As technology changes and the global economy becomes more united there is a need for more timely information. This means that to be at the leading edge of current trends the typical 2-3 month lead-time for magazine content to be published is inadequate. Granted this is just my perspective and I’m extreme in that I want to know the latest and greatest news instantly…I’m a junkie for new information.
For that reason, this blog exists…I want to share the most interesting information I have available within 24 hours of hearing it. My magazine column could never do that because of the limitations of print media.

Some of you may notice that I added The Real JDM logo to the header of this blog. Some of you may have also seen the ongoing online forum discussions of the blog on popular message boards. This blog has become The Real JDM Interactive. Interactive in that I’m reading your comments, replying to them often and looking to you, the readers to see what you have to say and to hear what you want me to discuss next. This is a great level of personal interaction that I could never get from my magazine columns.

With that being said, I am still writing for magazines now and then. And for the first time in a while I’ve just recently agreed to do a couple of columns for another magazine (usually its just features, interviews and other random things that land me into magazines). I’ll do just a couple of columns this year in magazines and I’ll announce those columns here when the time is right.

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce or re-introduce you to my past work. On my website I’ve put up downloadable pdf’s of my magazine columns. As I wrote them, I understood the limitations of time with print magazines so my intention was to write somewhat timeless columns that would be hopefully as interesting in 2008 as they were when I released them in 2005. Did I succeed? You can check for yourself at the website.

I’ve put the photos of columns below for your reference.

December 2006
Phoenix’s Power Interview

November 2006
Global Interpretation

October 2006
Redefining JDM

September 2006
Virtual JDM

August 2006
Attack of the Prius

July 2006
Year of the Z

June 2006
Yashio Factory Interview – Pink is in this Season


May 2006
The Real Tokyo Auto Salon 2006

April 2006
The Anatomy of a Time Attack Car (Stage 2)

March 2006
The Anatomy of a Time Attack Car (Stage 1)


February 2006
Dream Merchant

January 2006
Natural Aspirations

December 2005
Widebody Tuning Pt. 2


November 2005
Widebody Tuning Pt. 1

Octoberr 2005
JDM goes Hollywood

September 2005
Legal Speed


August 2005
Automotive Anorexia

July 2005
Ultra VIP Tuning is Born

June 2005
Aero Parts vs. Bodykits


May 2005
FM + GT-R = Hybrid Future

April 2005
Nothing More Uncool than Understeer

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