D1 Grand Prix USA Season Canceled

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Wow…see the press release below:

Contact: D1 Corporation media@d1gp.com


TORRANCE, CA (February 10, 2008) – D1 Grand Prix USA has announced the cancellation of 2008 point series events.

Due to issues and timing from the Japan series, the D1 Grand Prix USA series is being cancelled for the 2008 year. After a successful championship event last November at Irwindale Speedway, we vigorously attempted to launch the 2008 U.S. series but have been unable to due to Japan’s delay on decisions and their focus on the Japan series. Our goal is to continue elevating and expanding the drift culture to the world. But at this time the official word from Japan is to focus on the Japan series for 2008.

It has been formally decided not to hold an event series in the U.S. but the “All Star World Championship” in November at Irwindale speedway is still scheduled to take place.

D1 Grand Prix apologizes for the series cancellation in the U.S. and plans to return the series next year.

Thank you D1 Fans.

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Ericsson Releases Details On New Parts

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Ericsson E60 M5 Titanium Exhaust



Legendary Power House Amuse’s new BMW only tuning brand Ericsson launched with a bang last month. Bulletproof Automotive was there to introduce Ericsson to North America. The response has been incredible as so many people appreciate the incredible design and quality of these parts like we do.

Long awaited concrete details on the parts which were in prototype form last month are now available. For pricing and details we’ve published everything on our website so please visit www.bulletproofautomotive.com and go to the BMW section for pricing and details on each part.

Keeping in mind that the E92 M3 in Japan is approximately $90,000 when purchased new, Ericsson’s plan is to bring the M3 into Porsche GT3 territory with their new tuning program. The plan calls for extensive weight reduction and strong power gains to get the power to weight ratio into certified supercar territory. Accompanying to this is a chart to see exactly where the Ericsson M480 demonstration car falls into the spectrum.


Power to Weight Ratio




Power to Weight Ratio

BMW M3 (E92)




Ericsson M480 Concept


437ps ※2


Porsche GT3




Nissan R35 GTR








To achieve their concept of making the new M3 a nimble and extreme performing car Ericsson has used exclusively prepreg dry carbon fiber and titanium for their parts. The result is 374 lbs of weight reduction and 437ps! Bear in mind that Porsche GT3 beating performance and quality is not cheap, nor is dry carbon and titanium that Amuse uses. The resulting parts from the Ericsson are as high quality as their price would imply.

For those of you hoping for more affordable fiberglass parts, it goes against the M480 car’s concept of maximum weight reduction so it has not been released that way. However don’t be surprised that someday down the line we convince Ericsson to produce some limited parts in FRP. In the meantime, enjoy Ericsson parts they way they were meant to be…with uncompromising quality designed for the select few serious enthusiasts that want to build the absolute best E92 M3 possible.

Ericsson E92 M3 Exhaust


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New Mines R35 GT-R Aero Parts!

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Here’s the latest from Mines. Produced fully in dry carbon! Hardcore quality as expected from Mines.

Prices are not yet released but you can pre-order from Bulletproof Automotive directly. Bulletproof is a Mines authorized distributor for North America.

Mines R35 Dry Carbon Aero Parts

Mines R35 Dry Carbon Aero PartsMines R35 Dry Carbon Aero PartsMines R35 Dry Carbon Aero Parts

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Top Secret 400km/h Nardo Challenge With V12 Supra

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Top Secret Nardo 400km/h V12 Supra

So Top Secret is finally ready to attempt to STICK IT TO FERRARI ON THEIR HOME TURF as they bring their V12 Twin Turbo Supra to Nardo in Italy for what they/we hope will be a 400km/h breaking run in their street legal car! As far as I know this is the fastest Smoky will have ever driven a car (400hm/h = 248MPH). I was talking with someone who was recording the sound of the car for a video and they said that Smoky (in an undisclosed location for legal reasons) got the Supra up to 200MPH with ease. During that run, lets just say that there were other “obstacles” on the road during those conditions.

Top Secret Nardo 400km/h V12 Supra

Stay tuned, I’ll update with the results here.
Below are 1800pix hi-res photos of the Supra sporting the new Top Secret graphics scheme for the first time.

Top Secret Nardo 400km/h V12 Supra Top Secret Nardo 400km/h V12 SupraTop Secret Nardo 400km/h V12 Supra

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