Bulletproof Visits ASM – Part 2

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Continuing on about ASM…

One of the highlights of my trip to Japan was having Kanayama-san demonstrate his street version S2000 on the roads and highways of Yokohama. Of course I was impressed that he’d take the time to drive me around town and talk to me about his tuning of his personal S2000 (the one car that started ASM). Yet something impressed me much more than that…the car I was getting driven around in was a 59 second Tsukuba circuit time attack car. It was street legal and it was comfortable! The car deserves a lot more attention that I’m going to give it in this blog, but here are some of the notable points as I saw it.

1. Everything you would see and touch in that car is of absolute insane quality, down to the smallest detail. Rather than list off the parts (which is one hell of a list!) I’ll talk about the things that perhaps you wouldn’t see on a parts list. The dry carbon doors have one-off dry carbon interior door skins with straps to close them reminicient of the old Porsche RS. The under body of the car has dry carbon front, rear and center diffusers (3 diffusers) making it nearly 100% flat. Yet the diffusers have small holes cut in them to allow for body mounted air jacks to lift the car up for easy access. Thats full race car type action for a car with air conditioning and a sound system.

2. The car has over 100,000 km and is Kanayama-san’s original S2000, yet it looks brand new! I’ve seen every angle of the car and it shows no age…then again everything has been upgraded.

3. The throttle response is insane! People talk about light weight clutches and carbon drive shafts to increase throttle response…ok this car has that but thats amateur level. This car has lightened pistons and individual throttle bodies as well. Add that all up, and when I hit the gas pedal it responded like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. That kind of feeling you can put down on paper or show with a dyno graph…its just incredible tuning for a really fun and effective sports car!

4. You dont know what creativity and exclusivity is until you’ve heard about where Kanayama-san sourced his nipple-esque fender winkers for his car. When I noticed them I had to ask him where he got them or if they were an original ASM part since I had never seen them before. Answer: OEM Ferrari from the F40! I’m sorry, I know its just a damn winker, but that is one of the most surprising and impressive answers I’ve ever heard. This guy is raiding the Ferrari F40 parts bin! Just to get the right looking set of fender winker lenses. I think we all need to step our game up after hearing that one.
So anyway, despite all of this technology and racing equipment the ride was surprisingly comfortable over bumps and not too loud! It was a 59″ time attack daily driver! The car was simply a miracle to experience…

One of Kanayama-san’s other cars is a Mini Cooper. He said that he finds it to be a fun car to drive and cute. Because of it’s cuteness he has no interest in making a crazy widebody or any other aggressive aeroparts that dont fit it’s character. Yet, that didnt stop him from tuning it…not even close. See, he’s a man of many connections in the industry. When he does something he deals with only the best of everything. The result…an engine tuned by one of the top technicians at Mugen! Yeah…a Mugen Mini…Throw in a bunch of original high end ASM parts like a carbon induction system, sachs/asm coilovers, a beautiful exhaust system and a bunch of chassis braces and the result is a super tuned Mini that keeps its calm demeanor.

In part 3 (final chapter of the story) I’ll discuss about some very special carbon fiber parts and a whole new level of weight reduction…

Jack System on ASM S2000ASM Ferrari WinkersFerrari F40 - ASM S2000 Fender WinkerASM Street S2000 InteriorASM Street S2000

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