Bulletproof Visits ASM – Part 1

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ASM and Bulletproof

ASM’s Kanayama-san and I go way back to nearly the start of ASM. Kanayama-san, ASM’s President launched ASM (formerly known as Autobacs Second Hand Market) based on his passion for the S2000 (the same reason why I started Bulletproof in March of 2000). When ASM first started a few years ago they had only S2000 products and it was Bulletproof who introduced them into the USA as their sole distributor. Since then we’ve remained a strong dealer for them and have helped spread the word of Kanayama’s unbelievable product development and tuning skills.

Kanayama-san shares a common trait with others that greatly inspire me…the deep understanding of what makes a quality product and furthermore, the absolute unwillingness to compromise and put out anything less than the best…REGARDLESS OF PRICE. Where Kanayama-san shows his extreme personality is within the last statement, “regardless of price”. Kanayama-san is perhaps the only person I know who will design, develop and produce a part which he knows he will probably never sell. Case in point, his $40,000+ widebody kit which he only produces in dry carbon. When I asked him years ago to produce it in FRP, he laughed at me! He can honestly say that he doesn’t care if people buy his parts, he just builds the best stuff he knows how. Fortunately for him, although people are not buying the dry carbon widebody, they are buying plenty of his more affordable parts on the market. Although I’m using the term affordable loosely since his parts are still the highest priced in their categories.

So those deep in the industry may have known some of the background…lets get into what probably no one knows.

1. Kanayama-san is developing a dry carbon hood for the S2000 made exclusively for individual throttle bodies with a ram air induction design. It will cost a lot as expected and consistent with his methods of designing parts for his race cars, he doesnt care if he sells any. Its again simply the best product he can make to further evolve his car and as he said there are no compromises because it is his “life work.”
2. Kanayama-san’s current generation Time Attack S2000 front bumper is producing more than 600lbs of downforce. So much so that he frequently offers people a chance to stand on the front lip! I was scared for a second (knowing what it costs to build it!) but quickly realized that no matter how much toro I eat I will not reach the 600lb limit to cause any trouble. The thing was sturdy as a rock yet the whole bumper weighs under 5lbs. Incredible strength, but that’s what you get when you produce parts as the same factory that builds body panels for Super GT cars.

Time go to home…I’ll continue ASM next week with information about the world’s only Mugen tuned Mini!?! And other random JDM info.

Here is part one of the hi-res pics from ASM:

Ben on the ASM Time Attack Front LipASM Wall of Recaro Seats

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